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Whether your real estate journey involves buying, selling, building, remodeling, maintaining, financing — or simply making some decisions about your home, consider inviting Leslie Clement to be your guide. 


Leslie’s diverse construction and real estate experiences have resulted in a deep wealth of “hands on” knowledge of many aspects of homeownership.  She began her career as a union carpenter apprentice, working on high rises and bridges.  In her mid twenties, she purchased and restored thirty National Register historic homes.  In the last two decades, Leslie has developed a neighborhood of  forty “new” old homes in the Craftsman style of architecture,  and built a condominium development with breathtaking views of downtown Springfield.  She has helped clients with additions, custom homes and investment properties.  As a real estate broker, she has served hundreds of families through the often stressful process of buying, selling and financing homes. 


In addition to offering clients a wide range of technical skills — real estate broker, general contractor and home designer — her greatest gift might be her unique ability to discover the best features of a property while concurrently envisioning  how it may be improved, transformed or, even in small ways, bettered.   


Passionate about a wide range of real estate, Leslie offers her expertise and enthusiasm to clients on their own home journeys.  Her mission is not only to guide clients, but to empower them to understand their property, explore options, obtain financing and to make educated decisions.  She seeks to make the journey enjoyable, and to arrive at the destination which suits her clients’ personal vision, financial budget and lifestyle needs. 




Frequently clients simply need someone knowledgeable to talk with in regards to their real estate options.   They may be in the quandary of multiple options —  sell and buy another house which meets their needs, or stay and remodel. 


Often times, clients have real estate financing concerns and need to know more about their mortgage options.  Sometimes clients have a beloved aging parent determined to stay in their current home and need a liaison  to help negotiate other options.  Maintenance issues can overwhelm folks — reluctant to call a roofer or plumber, it is often sensible to get Leslie’s advice to determine what might best be needed. 


Invite Leslie to help you resolve your real estate quandary.  The first consultation is $200 and is based on three hours of time.  Further consultations are billed at $80 per hour.

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