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Scenic Road Trip: 

Head out to 28 and go north to

Indian Lake, Blue Mountain Lake and Long Lake


Indian Lake:  Go back down the mountain to Route 28 and go left.  Indian Lake is about 18 miles away.

·         About 2 miles before you get to town, there is a charming antique store with photographic gallery on your left — worth stopping in to!

·         In town:  Indian Lake has an old-fashion movie theatre.

·         In town:  There is a wonderful store called Pine’s Country Store.  Hardware, gifts, tourist mementos ..


Then continue on to Blue Mountain Lake: 


Continue another 15 miles or so to the beautiful little town of Blue Mountain Lake.    When you come to the stop sign in the center of town, you can go left and discover the Blue Mountain Arts Center which is a little ways down on your left.  On the right is a charming marina where you can affordably rent a boat or go on a tour and a public beach access. 


Up the other way:  (headed towards Long Lake), there is a great gift store on your right and a sporting goods on the left.  The Adirondack Museum is just up the hill — a great place for both children and adults to discover Adirondack history with lush grounds, sweeping views and great exhibitions.


Then continue on to Long Lake:   

Continue another 12 miles or so to the town of Long Lake.


There are some great country stores and ice cream parlors, a wonderful swimming beach with raft and lifeguards.  And our favorite, Helms Areoplane where you can take a short plane ride in a small older plane giving you an incredible and exhilarating view of the Adirondack Mountains … reasonably priced about $45 a person … less if there is a group.  518-624-3931

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