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Leslie Clement 

Daughters:  June and Emeline

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Meet Leslie Clement: Vacation Hostess & Real Estate Consultant

Through lucky circumstances and financial help from my family, I own a precious 40 acres atop a mountain in the Adirondacks with a small cluster of buildings including my great-grandparents’ century-old Bird Camp, four glamping tents and several cabins I have built in the last few years.

I have the honor to host vacationing guests who come to the Adirondack Mountains from all over the world, and who leave with generous notes of thanks and lovely reviews for having had the opportunity to live as I do with my children now, and as my grandparents and great-parents once did here. We treasure our farm-like setting reminiscent of an 1800’s farm with pleasant meadows, beautiful mountain views and brilliant star-filled nights, and I am grateful to my family for helping us preserve this special place.

As a child, our family came here to this property for summer vacations just like the previous generations had.  But owning property with multiple family members took its toll and the two camps (Bird Camp and Mullon Camp where we live) deteriorated --- no one wanted to share the costs of upkeep, taxes and improvement and soon it was only me who visited or tried to maintain things.  It took 20 years but eventually I was able to buy out (or barter with ) all the other owners. 

In 2010 I moved from western Massachusetts to the mountains, put my daughters in the local school and got to work with my tools to make all the restorations and improvements.

I tried a number of ways to earn a living up here (builder, real estate broker, etc), none of which panned out, but luckily I realized how many wonderful people long to visit the Adirondacks and stay in a cozy cabin.  My father in the last year of his life financed construction of our four glamping tents, the Lodge and the Bath House.  I am forever grateful for his help and advice. 

With financial help from my brother Thomas, I bought 40 acres of beautiful land abutting the original property.  Gorgeous mountain views and open meadows were reclaimed by clearing trees, and the historic Shields Road which accesses this portion of the land has been rebuilt.  Originally I intended to build single family homes for sale, but the evolved to retaining all the land the building, as finances permit, sweet rental cabins --- Camp HudsonView and Camp TwoSome --- walking trails and this year, a fabulous Japanese temple with a cedar hot tub.

I am grateful that I’ve had fascinating professional experiences and the chance to build many beautiful projects during my career.  My two daughters are turning into splendid young women.  I live in an insanely beautiful wild place, and I have a small business offers interesting challenges and rewards.  I spend the winter building rustic furniture for my rentals, plowing snow with my four wheeler and working as weather permits on the properties.


 I have the opportunity to meet lovely people from all over the world who treasure what we have here.  Our guests bring life, laughter, children and love to our quiet mountain retreat.



Leslie Clement

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Daughter Emeline dancing with my father on his last visit to the Adirondacks 

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