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Adirondack Glamping & Cabin Rentals 


Located in the southern Adirondacks five miles from Gore Mountain and a half hour from Lake George, our small romantic vacation cabins are scattered over 40 gorgeous acres of wildflowers and woods, each with insanely gorgeous mountain views.  


The cabin interiors offer graceful old-style detailing such as bay windows, beadboard walls and log beam ceilings, and decorated with antique Oriental rugs, hand crafted and restored furniture and beautiful new beds and linens.   Privately sited and surrounded by woods with adjoining wildflower meadows and lawns, each cabin has a firepit with chairs.  The dark skies offer wonderful star gazing while sitting around the fire.

Each of our seven cabins are cozy warm in the winter, and cool in the summer with mountain breezes, paddles fans and cross ventilation.  The cabins have fully stocked kitchenettes, clean new bathrooms and wifi.  We are pet friendly.


We also have four lovely glamping tents, fully furnished with beds, lights and decks.  There is a lovely Bath House with men and women’s sides.  Each tent has an individual kitchenette in our Lodge.  We cannot host dogs in our tents, only in our cabins. 

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Most summers, we have chickens and ducks which are enjoyable to watch, and a good-natured lab dogs Sammy and Bella who love to greet and visit our guests.

Most nights, we invite guests to join the fun of making wood fired pizza.  ​Guests may bring their own toppings and cheese — we provide sauce, dough and fresh basil from our garden.  We also have a choice of toppings if you don’t wish to bring your own.  ​We fire up the wood-fired pizza in the late afternoon and from 6:30 to 7:00, guests come to the pizza pavilion with their toppings and we help them cook their pizzas.  Because the oven is so hot, the pizzas cook in about three minutes.  Lots of fun! Read more …

 Enjoy a gorgeous bouquet of fresh cut flowers right out of own gardens --- delivered to your cabin or glamping tent before your arrival!   Our bouquets are a gorgeous assortment of local wildflowers such as black eyed Susan, hyssop, bee balm, daisies and  golden rod to which we add lovely cut flowers such as delphiniums and snapdragons.   The flowers are in a mason jar which makes it easy to bring them home with you.  If you change the water every few days, your flowers should last ten days.  Order flowers for your stay! 

Stop in to our Workshop where you can buy fresh herbs for cooking or enjoyment, potted flowers and vegetables, hand crafted gifts such as slate coasters, soaps, preserved flowers and jars of garnet.  We sell smores kits and camp fire kits (includes logs, kindling, paper and matches), and there are some boxes and wood ornaments with paint kits to keep the children busy.  See all products here .... 

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Our family-owned mountaintop property in North River originated in 1910 when my great-aunt came as a teenager from Port Washington, Long Island to the Adirondacks to recover from tuberculosis.  Back then, the only known cure for TB was to be outside, in cold winter months on a porch under quilts or walking the meadows in the summer.  Fortunately Aunt Edie recovered from TB, and in celebration, my  great-grandparents built Bird Camp which is now restored and one of our vacation rental cabins.  There are still apple trees in the meadows which were planted one hundred years and ten years ago by my great-grandfather.  I treasure the old black and white photos I have of this era.


Sadly, the property went into decline over the decades when the various siblings, cousins and in-laws could not agree on how to maintain the property.  It took decades, but I managed to buy out the other owners.  Once free with clear title, I began the hands on restoration of the original Bird Camp.  Then, thinking that I might scratch out a living as a hobby farm, I built a unique “farmstand” and  large gardens, but then pivoted as is sometimes necessary in business (and life) --- I converted the farmstand into a vacation rental (“The Farmstand”) and kept the large gardens where we grow cut flowers, herbs and vegetables for our guests and for sale at farmer’s market.


About 10 years ago, I bought 40 additional acres of beautiful adjoining land below ours (Shields Road) where there were once incredible views of the Hudson River and the mountains beyond.  I worked with an excavator to clear the woods for six new sites, creating for each incredible views for which the land was once known.


After some intense approval hassles, I began to design and build small romantic cabins and various outbuildings in what architects call the “new old” style.  The construction and design are driven by a desire to pay homage to the original Japanese/Adirondack architectural detailing of the 19th century.  As a carpenter and home designer, I have taken great pleasure in this work --- frequently picking up my tools to work alongside the various craftsmen who have helped to these unique cabins and out buildings.


One year’s work was building a Japanese temple with a natural cedar hot tub overlooking Gore Mountain.  Another project was a wood fired pizza oven and pavilion.  Both amenities are treasured by our visiting guests. 


Our land in North River is now developed as far as we wish to go.  Hence, we named the last cabin “Camp Finale” to signify the end of what we will build here. Our focus is now on maintaining a restorative and relaxing experience for our guests.























Five miles down river from our mountainside paradise, we now have another beautiful property directly on the Hudson River in nearby North Creek.


The 14 acre parcel which I purchased in the summer of 2021 included an abandoned 1940’s cottage which not been inhabited for decades.  The boarded-up cottage, overlooking the Hudson River which is directly across the country road, was ready to collapse.  The rafters and outside walls were bowing, huge pine trees ready to fall on top of it and the interior was in deplorable condition.


For an entire pleasurable year,  I worked alongside my group of tradespeople to restore the cottage.  Tricky carpentry was involved to shore up and brace the sagging roof rafters, and to bring the outside walls back to plumb.  Because of the cottage’s proximity to the Hudson River, the new septic system had to be designed carefully to meet setbacks, and the abutting flood plain elevation had to be dealt with in the permitting process.  The interior was gutted and rebuilt in our “new old” style with knotty pine beadboard, antique beams, bright tile work and an antique style bathroom.


Sensing that this could be the place where I may live in retirement (close to town, flatter grades and less challenging in the winter than living atop a mountain), I admittedly went a little overboard during the renovation with extra beautiful detailing inside and out. 


(I read this somewhere recently and it describes my building philosophy:  “A preferable solution is to maintain all that is good. All that has served us well. Maintain the foundations of the old house and as much of the structure above as is still sound. Root out the rot and treat the wood worms. Repair and replace what is broken but keep as much as possible of what has stood the test of time, what has worked.”  This is good advice for old homes and life as well.)  


Although virtually everything in the cottage has been replaced (framing, siding, roofing, interior finish, mechanicals), the Hudson River cottage now appears both inside and out as a well-maintained historic cottage instead of a major renovation.  This pleases me. 


Our Hudson River cottage is named Riverfront Cottage on the Hudson River.





I have the honor to host vacationing guests who come to the Adirondack Mountains from all over the world, and who leave with generous notes of thanks and lovely reviews. 


On our mountainside property In North River, our guests enjoy having the opportunity to live as I do with my children now, and as my grandparents and great-grandparents once did here. We treasure our farm-like setting reminiscent of an 1800’s farm with pleasant meadows, beautiful mountain views and brilliant star-filled nights. 


On our riverside property in nearby North Creek, our guests enjoy the beauty of staying right on the Hudson River on a quiet country road where they can slip into the river to bathe or fish or kayak, where they can enjoy a quick walk to the sweet downtown. 


To create these amazingly beautiful places, I have invested years of my own labor, energy and design expertise, and I have willingly taken on substantial financial risk and debt.  But I would not own these wonderful  places if not for my brother Thomas Clement and my late father Richard Clement who made significant financial contributions and gave me great encouragement.  I am most grateful for their love and help, and I consider myself a lucky woman indeed.

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Gorgeous freshly renovated Victorian in the heart of the Adirondacks offers beautiful rooms, lovely new bathrooms, three fireplaces and a wonderful new country kitchen. Located on 20 acres of land, surrounded by open fields with an old apple orchard and a backdrop of woods behind the barn, this fine Victorian is sited on a quiet country road five miles from the charming town of North Creek and Gore Mountain Ski center.  

Read more about the restoration and how to book this special property ... 

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