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Our bouquets are a gorgeous assortment of local wildflowers such as black eyed Susan, hyssop, bee balm, daisies and  golden rod to which we add lovely cut flowers such as delphiniums and snapdragons. 


Our flowers are harvested early in the day on our little farm and cooled for several hours.  We then recut the stems  and arrange the bouquets  in fresh water with natural floral preservative.   A blank card is included for you to write a message. 


The flowers are in a mason jar which makes it easy to bring them home with you.  If you change the water every few days, your flowers should last ten days. 


Two Ways to Buy Bouquets: 


  • Stop by the Workshop at the Main Compound and choose a bouquet.  Pay by cash, Venmo or through this website


  • Or we can deliver the bouquet to your cabin  or glamping tent prior to your arrival.  


Important:  If you would like the flowers delivered,  please let us know: 


One: The date you are arriving


Two: The name of the cabin or tent in which you are staying


Three: The name of the person who made the reservation.


Gorgeous bouquet of flowers from our own gardens

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