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In the fall of 2016, Emeline and I made the heart breaking decision to put Pony Boy down as he has become frail and his foundering feet are worse. He can't face another winter.

Tuesday morning I found that Pony Boy had wandered far down into the upper meadow. I brought him water which he drank gratefully, hugged his weary old body, prayed with him and told him it was okay to die now. He nuzzled up against me, tired and breathing heavily, sweet, affectionate..., loving.

I I returned back later that afternoon and could not find him. I drove the four wheeler all over the our acres, stopping to call him and waiting for him to whinny back as he usually does. No sign of him. Searched again and again.

Emeline, who had spent the week grieving, away in college, came home last night to look for him on foot.

She found the body of our sweet pony boy laying in the woods where he had died peacefully. It seemed he had even tried to dig out some dirt before going to his maker.

We all sat around the fire and told stories about Pony Boy. How we used to walk him down the main road in Longmeadow so he could stay over night in our little fenced yard ... Moving him to North River via a hired van and how happy he was to have so much open space ... the way he banged on our screen door over and over looking for treats or a pet, even pushing his head through the doggy door ... his gentle manners with all our guests ...

We are grateful that we did not have to make the arrangement to make his death occur, and we are glad that he is no longer old and worn out. Pony Boy is galloping around somewhere in heaven, young, energetic and playful.

We lost a very dear friend.

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